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Welcome to Big Family Tiny Life!

We are the “Big Family,” although a family of six doesn’t seem that big to us. We both come from families that are larger than the national average — which dating back 50 years has been less than 4 people per household — but certainly not HUGE families. Especially if you look at some other countries like Saudi Arabia or Morocco where the average household is greater than six people. Bottom line is that by today’s standards, we are a large family. We are on an adventure to lead a Tiny Life, which is a little misleading. Our plan is to shrink our consumption, live a more intentional, cost-efficient and sustainable life. By doing these things, we will be able to live SO MUCH BIGGER! Obviously, we are focusing on fitting a BIG family into a TINY life, but the site should not be read “Big Family, Tiny Life,” but more as “The Big Family Tiny Life.” Join us on our adventure! It’s going to be fun!

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2016 National Tiny House Jamboree

jam·bo·ree /jambəˈrē/ noun – a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one. (For those like me, who did not know the meaning of that word!) 🙂 We anxiously awaited our vacation to Colorado Springs to attend the National Tiny House Jamboree.  This...

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Our Ha-RV-ey

We named our RV Harvey.  You know, like, our-v, our RV, or as we slur it, HaRVey!  Harvey was not planned, but after our original housing option fell through, we needed to find another option, fast!  It's like a temporary tiny house before our tiny house! This is a...

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Get To Know Us

So... In case you missed it, we were in the news! Chris Peters at the Omaha World-Herald wrote an amazing article about us and our journey so far! They even created a video of us and the kids are SUPER cute in it! Here's the link! This week, we thought it would be fun...

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Solid Foundation – We Ordered Our Trailers!

That headline pretty much tells most of this story. However, if you have read any of our posts to date, you know we like to tell stories too, right? I contacted quite a few folks while researching where to buy our trailers. Of course, cost was a major issue--we are...

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That is how the last month of our life has felt!  A completely crazy whirlwind of con-stant-ly changing plans, a moment notice of people coming by to check out some part of selling our house (like our stuff and even our house), more packing and moving stuff around,...

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It is Friday morning, May 27th, 2016, and Darren says to me, “Hey, why don’t you ask your friend Kristy Bruck if she can come look at our house and tell us if there is anything else we need to do in order to sell our house.” (We had just finished overhauling our...

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What We Don’t Know

There are several quotes out there about what you don't know... "What you don't know CAN'T hurt you" "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know" "What you don't know CAN hurt you" "The less you know, the more you think you know" "You never really know...

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Going… Going… Gone

Our quickly thrown together garage sale was a great success! We still have a few things left to sell, but our house is pretty empty! Truly, I thought it was going to be a lot harder to let go of things that I cared about at some level, but it wasn’t! Thanks to a few...

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Saying Goodbye

Loss isn’t something we humans deal well with much of the time.  It’s hard to lose, isn’t it?  Whether in big or small measurements, it’s something we can all relate too.  I have lost a job, lost a friend, lost an extremely close grandma, lost a dog, lost a secure...

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