Life Simplification

The bottom line is this:

Stuff = Stress

Our goal — reduce stuff, reduce stress. Simple.


Reducing Our Consumption

It’s always interesting to look back at origins; how things begin. Often, movie prequels get horrible reviews – mostly because we are already used to the actors that play the older versions – yet still, we are drawn like flies to watch them. Weird, huh? This is not a...

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If It Were Only That Simple…

If it were only that simple, everyone would do it. I’ve heard that phrase more times than I can count in my life, on many differing topics. Or how about, “Just be yourself?” Or I like this one…

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Operation Simplify

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU – that is taking on a whole new level for us this year, and we have a lot to do! LOTS of baby steps! Though we have practical things to do (selling a lot of our stuff, finishing incomplete house projects, converting photos to digital, books to digital, movies to digital….well, you get the point) we have a lot of mental work to do as well — rhythms to change, new habits to adopt!

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So this is a brand new blog. We promise there will be oodles and oodles of content here soon. In the meantime, our home page (and the sidebar on this page) will update you as to our newest content. If you would like to help us with blog post ideas, please go to the...

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