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What does it take to live tiny? Ask away! We will tell you.

You have six kids...

While this one is not necessarily a question, we’ve heard it enough to answer the statement. It’s really silly to assume that we haven’t thought through all of that. It’s part of what makes our story uniquely challenging, yet exciting. When we finally unveil the plans for the tiny house, we will be excited to show you just how that will work for us and for the kids!

Where are you going to put all of your stuff?

The idea is not to keep a bunch of stuff and cram it into a tiny space. Melody’s motto is “Stuff = Stress.” We are going to spend the next year & a half pairing down our “stuff” to get to where everything we need will fit in the house. It is going to be a long process — probably painful at times — but we are going to share that with you on our Life Simplification tab above.

Won't you feel cramped in such a tiny space?

Probably. Especially in the Winter when the outside is not an extension of our living space. We will deal with it. We will learn to love each other in and through the experience. The idea is that it will draw us closer together. However, you are on this journey/adventure with us. You will get to see how that works out. 🙂

Building Questions

You’ve got some great questions about building a tiny house! Hopefully We’ve got some answers!

Where are you going to put your tiny house?

That is a GREAT question! We don’t know just yet. I am currently reading a book called Finding and Buying You Place in the Country to help me… find and buy our place in the country. That is part of the journey we plan to take you on!

Will your tiny house have wheels?

Yes. It has never been our intention to live in Nebraska forever. We love the idea that if/when we move to another place (think somewhere beautiful) that we can just hitch up our house and take it with. No packing, hoping that things won’t break. Just take the whole house with us.

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We will answer all general questions here.


General Questions

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We will answer all general questions here.

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