So, where have you guys been? What have you been doing? How is the tiny house coming along?

These are questions that are SO COMMON to us right now. They are also questions that are incredibly difficult to answer right now.

Let me tell you a story…

It was the night before my wedding day. I was super excited that in just a few short hours I would be marrying the woman of my dreams. Of course, a ton of preparation went in to the day – though I admit that Melody did most of the planning and preparing – and we invited a lot of people to come and witness this wonderful event. There was NOTHING that could ruin our day. I went to sleep anxiously awaiting the alarm.

rainThen I woke up. Our ring bearer (Carter) was puking everywhere, I realized that I forgot to order roses to be delivered to my bride while she was getting dressed, it was pouring rain and we had outdoor pictures schedule for before the ceremony, and I received a phone call from our travel agent informing me that our honeymoon to Jamaica was cancelled due to hurricane Dean ravaging the coastlines.

Whoa! Slow down! That was just the first half hour of this magical day.
There were so many things on our wedding day that went a little bit differently than we planned. The mud ring around the bottom of Melody’s dress from pictures in the apple orchard. The rain slamming down on us while we tried to take those pictures. Etc…

While we were together we never once took our eyes off the goal. We were getting married.

We gathered back at the church and I began to feel tired. All the commotion and the maneuvering the different obstacles thrown in our path along the journey were beginning to catch up.

mudThen, it happened. I noticed that my tux was more wrinkled than anything I had ever seen. I was suddenly embarrassed. I was suddenly overcome with everything leading up to that point. I was afraid to go out and let everyone we had invited to this wonderful event see me in this state.

I had taken my eye off the end goal and begun to focus on my current situation.

I knew that my tux being wrinkled was no big deal. I knew that the lighting in the church would likely make the wrinkles invisible. I knew that in a few minutes, I would be enraptured by my beautiful bride coming down the aisle and that everything else would fade away.

I knew all of those things in my head, but those wrinkles… The mud… The puking (and now cantankerous) ring bearer… The honeymoon…

It was all too much. I was too focused on everything but why I was there to realize I wasn’t focusing on why I was there.

Then, a friend found an iron, grabbed my tux, and began wiping those wrinkles away. I calmed down. I began to see again why I was there, and everything else just seemed to fall into place.

Wrinkles and AllI put on my coat (which was still quite wrinkled), grabbed Carter’s hand, and headed into the sanctuary.

The rest is history.

What does this have to do with our tiny house you ask?

Well… We’ve had a tiny house ring bearer, and a tiny house hurricane, and tiny house wrinkles and to be quite honest, I’ve been ashamed and embarrassed to share that with all of you.

Truth is, this has been more difficult than we ever imagined. Not for any single reason you would be able to guess (unless you know us and have had conversations with us).

The transition to tiny living has been MUCH EASIER than I expected, getting rid of stuff has been more freeing than I imagined. Cramming all of my family into a mere 476 SqFt has been the fun part of the adventure.

The ugliness has come out in the building of the houses, the uncertainty of land situations that continue to fall through, the endless hours of work that have been required since the houses were “completed.” The embarrassment came from realizing we should have made some different decisions and trying to own what we could and fix what we couldn’t own.

We have not kept you all updated with our journey simply because we did not want to be “Negative Nancies.” Rather than staying focused on how great tiny living is, we have focused on everything that hasn’t gone according to plan. Don’t get me wrong, everything that hasn’t gone according to plan is a TON of stuff… It has all but consumed us. Those details will come out in future posts I’m sure, but I want desperately to get back to focusing on the reason we are here, and you are here.

I’m incredibly sorry we left all of you out of our pain and struggle. I wonder how things could have unfolded differently if we would have been transparent and shared it all with you.

beautiful brideThere is no point in dwelling on the past however, and I must keep my focus. Otherwise, we will never get our happily ever after. J

Quick update though –

  1. We are currently living in our tiny house – there are challenges, but overall it is amazing
  2. Off-Grid living is both the bomb and crazy difficult
  3. Our Tiny House Nation Episode is (tentatively) scheduled for December 27th on Lifetime
  4. We just found out that we are again searching for land to put our house – we do not know the timeline yet, but we will likely need to be off the land we are on very soon. Yikes. This one really hurts.

I promise we will include you in our story moving forward.

If you know of any land opportunities at all, please let us know. Not sure why this has been so difficult! If you are a tiny house person and you don’t own your land, how are you making it happen?




In addition to working a full-time job as a project manager, Darren is a researcher, an experimenter, a builder, a general jack of all trades. He loves his wife and his children immensely and could not be more excited for this adventure for SO MANY reasons, but chiefly how it will bring our family closer together.

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