Turning Tiny Book - tiny housejam·bo·ree /jambəˈrē/ noun – a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one. (For those like me, who did not know the meaning of that word!) 🙂 We anxiously awaited our vacation to Colorado Springs to attend the National Tiny House Jamboree.  This would be the first time the kids would get to see a tiny house in person, and even explore them and they were more than excited!  After hearing me and Darren talk about our tiny houses for a few short months, getting to experience them as a family was incredibly exciting!  We headed to CO on August 4th to attend the long-weekend event and we were not disappointed.

Tiny House JamFam 2016Perhaps my most favorite part of all was getting to reconnect with my friends Andrew & Gabriella Morrison, Kristen Stuart and the TrailerMade Custom Trailers team, spending time with our contractor Kelly Lewis and builder Grant Wolfe, and meeting a bunch of new friends too. This event was unlike almost any I have ever been to, you see, it doesn’t matter “who” you are, “what” you’ve already accomplished, or any other “fame” inducing criteria.  We are all on a path that is less trodden and care about so many similar issues our nation is facing, and have a desire to actually be the difference we’d like to see.  People have done many things in the name of a movement, but this isn’t just a movement, this is a family.  A family like the Knights of the Round Table that humbly takes off the badge of recognition and comes together as equals. A family that invites others into a community to share interests such as sustainability, eco-friendly solutions, minimalism, being debt-free, building tiny houses, and truly living life to the fullest!

Although much of my time was tuned into being a mom of 4, sharing this world with my kids and introducing them to friends and ideas was quite awesome!  Our dog Piper even did great as she explored a few houses with us.  With speakers such as, Macy Miller, Andrew Morrison, Jay Shafer, Zack Giffin, Angela Alcorn, Trevor Gay, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, and Andrew Odom, among many others, it was a very informative and fun time of learning more about living tiny, and all the challenges that brings!  There were also Tiny Houseseveral amazing tiny house vendors there, such as TrailerMade Trailers, Tiny Toters, and Tiny House Build.com, among many others.  We also picked up the new book Turning Tiny, which is a book compiled of roughly 60 authors who have left their large life to leave a smaller footprint.  If you’d like to dig into understanding this movement and all of the answers to the question “why,” this is the book for you.

The kids’ favorite house, was one built by Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses!  They didn’t want to leave that one and kept going back and forth from one loft to the other on the transparent bridge, looking down at us and making faces through the floor. The L shaped deck with a big window opening was pretty cool too!  There were also yurts, a bus, several workshops, food vendors, and a ton of individual vendors marketing their tiny house additions, from chairs, to solar systems, to composting toilets.

Tiny House PeopleThe girls had never been to the mountains, which was so fun because they squealed when they saw them every morning. (The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.)  We had to end our time there with a pine cone hunt, which will come in very handy in decorating our enclosed deck.  Just like me, they love pine cones and nature and after asking me several times if I would keep the pine cone they found, I told them we could go on a hunt instead at a later time. Won’t they be excited when they see “their” pine cones as part of our tiny house decor. Carter is insistent on building his own tiny house before college so that he doesn’t have to pay for housing and can live debt free. After ours is built, we will be excited to help him build one for himself.

Perhaps one of the most exciting notions for me in all of this is the legacy we are living and leaving for our children.  That they can live happily with less stuff cluttering up their lives. That they can actually live their life, instead of being caught up in debt, and stuck with a mortgage in a “bigger is better” culture. That they can focus more on their relationships with people than their relationship with things.  That they can learn the value of hard work, respect, and live an un-entitled life.  That they can learn how to be gracious, humble, giving, and Jesus-loving individuals, who seek the Lord with all of their heart, instead of seeking self gain.  This is just a fraction of the legacy I’d like to leave for my kids!  Thank you to all my old and new friends in the Tiny House Community!  I am beyond thankful for you all!

About Melody

About Melody


Melody is a full time mother, CEO of the Mike household, NASM certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Beach Body Coach, Norwex Representative, Singer/Songwriter, Organizer, Jesus Lover, Wife, and well, you get the idea, a woman of many hats. Adventurous and creative, she loves spending time outdoors and encouraging others to be Lean, Clean, & Green.

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