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We named our RV Harvey.  You know, like, our-v, our RV, or as we slur it, HaRVey!  Harvey was not planned, but after our original housing option fell through, we needed to find another option, fast!  It’s like a temporary tiny house before our tiny house! This is a little picture of Harvey.

The night before we bought Harvey, I had an up front, straight talk conversation with the seller.  You see, we have purchased cars that were “supposed” to be in great shape, or maybe only had something small that needed to be fixed.  With four kids, we needed to know that Harvey was reliable and in good shape.  So after the seller and I lamented previous bad experiences with people not being up front about vehicle purchases, I said, “Can you tell me ANY reason why we should not buy this particular RV?”  He told me in good faith that they did not find any reason we should be worried about this one, that they checked everything, and everything checked out great.

YES!!!  We had a solution for temporary housing.  The way we looked at it, if we got an apartment for our size of family (6 plus a dog), we would spend the same amount as buying this RV, which would give us a lot more usage that not having any kind of return on our short term investment.

Harvey Nation - RV


Well, let me tell you, we did not get what we bargained for.  It turned out that the employee that did all the checking on both the engine side and RV side of things, did not do his job, and had lied to his boss, the seller.

In the short 6 weeks we have had it, we have experienced one problem after another.  It has been in the shop several times.  So far we’ve had to replace the brake pads and calipers, replace the tires (6 crazy thick big ones), replace the thermostat, repair the fan shroud, replace the coolant overflow tank, replace the house battery system, the power converter, water filtration system, blown fuses, the window washer fluid tank and motor are completely missing, the toilet has a bad seal, we’ve lost 3 hub caps (must have been loose), there is evidence of some water damage in a closet, an exhaust manifold leak, broken hot water tank, broken alternator,  among several other issues.

On our way to the National Tiny House Jamboree this weekend, we left an entire day late because of it being in the shop, missing our day climbing in the mountains.  When we left town, we very quickly noticed that the engine started overheating, meaning we had to turn on the heat to try and baby it until we could get to yet another mechanic.  On top of that our generator is also not reliable and not working.  So two hours into our trip we got off the interstate and headed to a mechanic.  At this point we were all soaking wet in sweat, no joke!  We waited our turn and the mechanic reported that we need a new water pump, but they were closing and did not have the pump we needed.

tiny house - RVSo we packed the kids and dog back in the RV and debated whether to turn back for home, or tread lightly and press on.  Then we pushed the pause button and prayed.  We asked God for help, and to know which decision and route to take.  Darren turned the RV back on and we headed back the 3 miles towards the interstate, and here’s what happened.  Right about the time we left the mechanic, the clouds rolled in and cooled off the air making it a lot better inside the RV, and even the incoming rain missed us as we stayed ahead of it with windows open!

About a half an hour later, the generator suddenly decided to start working flawlessly!  No joke!  Though we still had to drive a little slower and keep the heat on (Poor Darren!), we could point a strong fan towards him to ease his discomfort from the heater.  Thank you Jesus!  And……..We made it….around 1:30am Mountain time (2:30am central) to Colorado Springs, CO.


As I’m writing this, we are still on our trip back to Omaha, and have had an almost identical ride!  Was it worth it?  YES!  We had an absolute BLAST at the Jamboree, meeting new friends and reconnecting with current ones!  I would tell you all about the Jamboree, but that will be my next post!

Tiny House Nation's Zack and Fam - RV

Zack with the Fam

Now that Harvey has made a trip and back, we can officially refer to him as #HarveyNation  On that note, we will be hanging up our #HarveyNation keys on October 8th as we have been chosen for an episode of Tiny House Nation on FYI, and will receive new keys to our new TINY HOUSES ON WHEELS!  Wahoo!  We have found the perfect contractor and builder for the task, Kelly Lewis of TyNĒ Homes, LLC is our contractor, and Grant Wolfe is our builder along with his cousin Seth Wolfe!  THN will be coming out to film October 3rd-8th, and this is really happening!  SO awesome!  WHIRLWIND!

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

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About Melody


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