NewspaperSo… In case you missed it, we were in the news! Chris Peters at the Omaha World-Herald wrote an amazing article about us and our journey so far! They even created a video of us and the kids are SUPER cute in it! Here’s the link!

This week, we thought it would be fun to change things up just a little bit and let you guys get to know us to add a some fun to the blog. So we interviewed ourselves. We are looking forward to adding this type of post at least once per month and using that as a venue for letting you get to know our kids as well!

Without further ado…

Naughty Nice1. Where is your ideal place to park your Tiny House?

Darren: In the exact spot you see all the pictures taken at Lake Geneva. Joking aside…on our own personal homestead, complete with cattle, crops, and maybe some horses.  Preferable nestled between mountain foothills and beaches!

Melody: Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder…somewhere that overlooks beautiful mountains, lakes, and where we can homestead a few cattle, horses, goats, chickens, and a year around greenhouse, and where we can live off grid! I want to be engulfed in God’s beautiful creation, and explore nature in my own backyard!

2. When does Darren get his motorcycle?

Darren: Realistically, probably never.  Depends on how good of a weight loss program building the tiny houses becomes!

Melody: Since Darren and I made a deal that he can get a motorcycle when he builds himself an awesome 6 pack of abs, I’m going to say, it depends on what he eats, and I know he can rock that goal if he wants too! J  (Side note: I am a personal fitness trainer, if he wants specific help!)

Kiss3. What are you going to miss about living “Large?”

Darren: I’m going to miss the countless hours of sorting out our bills…hold up, we won’t have those anymore!!! In all reality, by living with less, we will be able to “live large.” To some, that will make perfect sense — to others it will not make any sense at all. That’s ok.

Melody: As an introvert, and a mom, I may have to find new ways/places to find my own space.  Wait…Can you hear that?!  The mountains are calling my name!!!

4. What are you guys going to do about a toilet?

Darren: Poop and pee in it, though we won’t flush it. The intention is to use a composting toilet. All of our “waste” will eventually turn into dirt.  Don’t worry, we won’t use it in our garden! 😉

Melody: Yep, what he said!  I also just heard him say he volunteers to do the “dirty work” and empty it every time it needs empting!

5. Are there any areas we disagree on?

Darren: Melody wants a dishwasher. I feel like we have four of them, that won’t suck up all of our solar generated power! (i.e. Carter, McKenzie, Trinity, Joey)

Melody: Yeah, that might be the single thing so far! But Darren makes a good point!  Well, at least our kids will learn a good work ethic with 6 mouths to feed!

6. Adult time?

Darren: That’s exactly why the kids have their own Tiny House!  If the Tiny House is’a rockin’, don’t come’a knockin’!

Melody: That’s hard to find in a big house!  The mountains Adam and Eve style?

Canoe7. What scares you the most about this process?

Darren: Nothing really, the only thing that kind of makes me nervous so far are the details we don’t have figured out yet.  These are huge details, but that’s not really “scary,” it’s just part of the adventure. Yeah, that’s my real answer!

Melody: I am a creature of habit.  I like the known.  I like having structure and dependability, and change is hard for me. This being said, and true, almost EVERYTHING about our current life-style is changing!  We are moving from a 2,300 square foot house to a 215 square foot RV, most of our spare time will be put into the building process, and I will also be homeschooling our kids for the first time!  And that’s just the biggest changes!!!

8. What excites you about this process?

Darren: SO MUCH excites me about this process! I’m excited to be debt free, and for the freedom that will create in our lives! I’m excited to build our own house, and customize it exactly to our own needs and desires.  I’m excited for the togetherness it will bring to our family. I’m excited that for the first time in 9 years, we are on the exact same page working toward the exact same goal. We’ve been a great pair for each other during those 9 years, but have sort of always just been working toward our own separate goals. This process has really worked to unite us in new and exciting ways!

Melody: I’m excited about the life-style this change will bring us!  I want our family to be very close and love doing life together!  I’m excited to live outside more as a family, to work together, to explore God’s creation together, and to build deep meaningful relationships together, instead of spending a bulk of time playing video games, inside, and doing life in separate spaces, apart from each other.  Time is a gift, and I want my kids to grow up learning that things are to be used, and people to be loved, prioritizing relationships over having “more stuff!”

We figure the more you all get to know us, the more you will enjoy reading about our journey. What other things do you want to know? Ask away in the comments below!

About Melody

About Melody


Melody is a full time mother, CEO of the Mike household, NASM certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Beach Body Coach, Norwex Representative, Singer/Songwriter, Organizer, Jesus Lover, Wife, and well, you get the idea, a woman of many hats. Adventurous and creative, she loves spending time outdoors and encouraging others to be Lean, Clean, & Green.




In addition to working a full-time job as a project manager, Darren is a researcher, an experimenter, a builder, a general jack of all trades. He loves his wife and his children immensely and could not be more excited for this adventure for SO MANY reasons, but chiefly how it will bring our family closer together.

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