There are several quotes out there about what you don’t know…

“What you don’t know CAN’T hurt you”

“The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know”

“What you don’t know CAN hurt you”

“The less you know, the more you think you know”

“You never really know what you don’t know.”

body of knowledgeAlmost all of those apply to us, but we are going to focus on what we actually DO know we don’t know because it would be impossible to write about what we don’t know that we don’t know. Confused? I know, that wasn’t nice. I promise the rest of this post isn’t like that.

On this grand adventure, there are a TON of questions we have to ask ourselves. Obviously, we have answered quite a few such as:

Do we think tiny living is “for us?”

Do we like each other enough to live in such a small space?

Can we live with less things?

Are we sure tiny living is “for us?”

How little space is too little?

How little space is too much?

Are we really, extra sure tiny living is “for us?”

Although those questions are not necessarily easy to answer in that they require a great deal of thought, they are the easiest questions to answer because we control the answers. What I mean is – I can answer whether or not tiny living is for us without spending a single cent, without doing any online research, without creating a plan of action. I can determine that living with less is for us by simply choosing to live with less.

The harder questions that we don’t have answers to yet require a bit more out of us – which is why we don’t know the answers yet. These are HUGE questions that have the potential to make our entire journey either successful, or a trainwreck.

In a conversation with my dad I was sharing that we didn’t have 100% of the details worked out. When I shared what those missing details are, his response was: “Those are lots of un-figured-out details – about 90% I’d say.” While it certainly isn’t 90%, it can sure feel that way!

Totally and completely unrelated and only inserted in here because the title loosely fits the topic, here’s a song called “She Don’t Know” by my old band Seven Bad Years.

Yes, that’s me singing and playing guitar. (If you like it and want to hear more, you can go to my soundcloud page.) The band is long-since defunct, but still fun to listen.

Ok. Enough leading you on. Here is what we don’t know…

#1 – We are not certain where we are going to live while we build our tiny house. We’ve got a couple of options that have been presented and all of those we absolutely LOVE, but they are not ideal for different reasons. One of the options would be amazing – it would put us in the country with horses and a pool – we absolutely love that option! The problem with that option though is that it is a 1 hour and 20 minute drive into Omaha. That is quite a commute, and would certainly take a chunk out of building time.

#2 – We are not certain where we will build the tiny house. Ideally, we would have a building like an abandoned warehouse or an old barn that someone wasn’t using and would let us use – heck, even rent! At this point in our journey though, we don’t know anyone that owns either of those items. Now I said those would be ideal. We would even be OK with a yard to build in, but once we sell our house to PAY for the tiny house build, we won’t own one of those either.

The last BIG question we don’t know the answer to yet is #3 – where will we put the house once it is built. Our long-term plan is to buy our own land to put our house on. We want to do some homesteading – small herd of cattle, chickens, hobby farm – and create a more self-sufficient, self-sustaining lifestyle. The problem with that long-term goal is that we don’t foresee it happening in Omaha. We need to live in or around Omaha for at least the next four years until our son Carter graduates from High School. Otherwise, we would just go to wherever it is we want to go and buy land and build right now. In the meantime, we want to find 1 acre or ½ acre, or ¼ acre to rent or lease for the next four years.

So you see, we have a lot to figure out. I’ve been so busy getting our current home ready to put on the market that I haven’t had time to research any solutions to those three big questions.

Here is where I would like to ask for your help… I know I just laid out three questions that we don’t know the answer to, but I’m going to ask you for help with four because well, we still need to sell our house.

If you know anyone who is looking for a stunning 2,200sqft 4 bedroom 2.5 bath house smack dab in the middle of Omaha complete with a .25 acre yard, a garden patio, an amazing chicken coop, apple trees, cherry trees, raspberry bushes – please send them here.Housenew and beautiful
If you know anyone who owns some land they aren’t using and would like to earn a little money from it, please send them to our blog and ask them to contact us. Or send them here.

Actually, we are open to any suggestions at all too! Please chat with us in the comments! Let us know any ideas you might have to solve any of the issues in this post?




In addition to working a full-time job as a project manager, Darren is a researcher, an experimenter, a builder, a general jack of all trades. He loves his wife and his children immensely and could not be more excited for this adventure for SO MANY reasons, but chiefly how it will bring our family closer together.

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